How will my doubts/questions be addressed in an online programme?

Peer-to-peer discussion forum where you can post your queries and your peers/faculty/teaching assistants answer your queries within a day. Regular Q&A sessions with faculty to get clarification on conceptual doubts.

What type of learning experience should I expect?

The content will be a mix of interactive lectures from industry leaders as well as world-renowned faculty. Additionally, the programme comprises live lectures or hangout sessions dedicated to solving your academic queries and reinforcing learning.

Will I receive special different career services in each specialization?

Each specialization is designed to give you the best outcome based on your background and help you venture into the data domain. The services and support for all the tracks will remain the same. Every student will have live sessions, industry mentorship, preparatory support, and access to relevant opportunities according to the requirements in their specialization track.

What type of career placement assistance is provided?

The career advancement services team works tirelessly to connect our students with the right job opportunities. Our experience in training, networking, and human resource development helps IIITB students find exciting and challenging job opportunities. Our students find placements in reputable companies through a structured framework.

What are the programs offered by IIITB?

  • Advanced Certificate Programme in Data Science
  • Executive Post Graduate Programme in Data Science
  • Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning & NLP
  • Executive PG Programme in Machine Learning & AI
  • Executive Post Graduate Programme in Software Development - Specialisation in Full Stack Development
  • Advanced Certificate Programme in Cyber Security
  • Advanced Certificate Programme in DevOps
  • Advanced Certificate Programme in Blockchain
  • Advanced Certificate Programme in Cloud Backend Development
  • Advanced Certificate Programme in Big Data Programming

What can I expect from programs delivered by upGrad and IIITB??

IIITB prepares individuals to lead and serve by providing high-quality, practice-based educational programs. We are a nonprofit institution in an innovative, challenging learning environment that embraces professional ethics and diversity. We have been a leader in online education for nearly three decades. IIITB students can expect the academic rigour of quality education standards, including live lectures from leading faculty, 24x7 student support, teaching assistants, access to upGrad's career platform, and exclusive campus immersions.

What is the admission process?

The admission process for any IIITB program is simple. It starts with a completed online application. Students who meet the programs minimum eligibility criteria will be considered for scholarships. To apply for a scholarship, students must submit a Statement of Purpose to the university in writing via email. Our admissions committee will review your application, and you may be awarded admission with a scholarship on the merit of your submission. For additional information about the process and timing, kindly speak with an admission counsellor.