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This Program Will Kick-start your Data Science Journey. Here’s How.

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Learn from world class experts with tests by domain experts.

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57 live learning sessions and 20+ expert coaching sessions.

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Learn over 14+ tools with real life industry projects

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Equivalent to NSQF (National Skill Qualification Framework) level 8.

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Program Instructors

Chandrashekar Ramanathan

Dean Academics, IIITB

  • Prof. Chandrashekar has a PhD from Mississippi State University and experience of over 10 years in several multinational organisations.

S. Anand

CEO, Gramener

  • An alumnus of IIT Madras, IIM Bangalore and LBS London, Anand is among the top 10 data scientists in India with 20 years of experience.

Tricha Anjali

Ex-Associate Dean, IIITB

  • Prof. Anjali has a PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology as well as an integrated MTech (EE) from IIT Bombay.

Behzad Ahmadi

Data Scientist Walmart Labs

  • An M. Tech graduate and PhD from Jersey Institute of Technology, Behzad possesses tremendous years of experience in Data Science and ML.

Dr. Debabrata Das

Director, IIITB

  • Dr. Debabrata Das is Director of IIITB. He has received his PhD from IIT-KGP. His main areas of research are IoT and Wireless Access Network.

Learn with a world class curriculum

  • Pre-Programme Preparatory Content

    Topics Covered:

    Data Analysis in Excel

    Analytics Problem Solving

  • Course1: Data Toolkit (13 Weeks)

    Topics Covered:

    Introduction to Python

    Programming in Python

    Python for Data Science

    Data Visualization in Python

    Exploratory Data Analysis

    Credit EDA Case Study

    Inferential Statistics

    Hypothesis Testing

    Data Analysis using SQL

    Advanced SQL & Best Practices

    SQL Assignment: RSVP Movies

  • Course 2: Machine Learning (8 Weeks)

    Topics Covered:

    Linear Regression

    Linear Regression Assignment

    Logistic Regression

    Classification using Decision Trees

    Basics of NLP and Text Mining

    Unsupervised Learning: Clustering

    Business Problem-Solving

    Clustering Assignment (Optional)

    Case Study: Lead Scoring

  • Specialisation: Deep Learning (25 Weeks)

    Topics Covered:

    Tree Models

    Model Selection & General ML Techniques

    Bagging and Boosting

    Advanced Regression

    Advanced Regression Assignment

    Principal Component Analysis

    Time Series Analysis

    Telecom Churn Case Study

    Introduction to Neural Networks

    Convolutional Neural Networks - Introduction and Industry Applications

    CNN Assignment

    Recurrent Neural Networks

    Gesture Recognition

    Capstone Project

  • Specialisation: Natural Language Processing (25 Weeks)

    Topics Covered:

    Linear Regression

    Bagging & Random Forest


    Model Selection & General ML Techniques

    Principal Component Analysis

    Advanced Regression

    Advanced ML case Study

    Time Series Forecasting

    Neural Nets for NLP

    Syntactic Processing

    Syntactic Processing Assignment

    Semantic Processing

    Applied DL in NLP

    Case Study: Automatic Ticket Classification

    Capstone Project

  • Specialisation: Business Analytics (22 Weeks)

    Topics Covered:

    Visualisation using Tableau

    Advanced Excel

    Visualisation using PowerBI

    Structured Problem Solving using Frameworks

    Data Storytelling

    AirBnB Case Study

    Bagging & Random Forest

    Model Selection & General ML Techniques

    Time Series Forecasting

    Model Selection Case Study

    Operations Research in Excel

    Data Architecture

    Data Strategy

    Business Case Study

    Capstone Project

  • Specialisation: Business Intelligence/ Data Analytics (22 Weeks)

    Topics Covered:

    Visualisation using Tableau

    Advanced Excel

    Visualisation using PowerBI

    Structured Problem Solving using Frameworks

    Data Storytelling

    AirBnB Case Study

    Data Modelling

    Advanced SQL and Best Practices

    Introduction to Big Data and Cloud

    Analytics using Spark

    Big Data Case Study

    Data Structures - Sets, Dictionaries, Stacks, Queues

    Searching and Sorting

    Algorithm Analysis + Recursion

    Advanced Database Programming using Pandas

    Python & SQL Lab

    Capstone Project

  • Specialisation: Data Engineering (22 Weeks)

    Topics Covered:

    Data Management and Relational Database Modelling

    Introduction to Big Data(Optional)

    Introduction to Cloud and AWS Setup

    Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce Programming

    Assignment (Optional)

    NoSQL Databases and Apache HBase and NoSQL Databases and MongoDB(Optional)

    Data Warehousing (Optional)

    Data Ingestion with Apache Sqoop and Apache Flume

    Map reduce Programming Assignment

    Hive & Querying

    Amazon Redshift

    Introduction to Apache Spark

    Project: ETL Data Pipline

    AWS Cloud Infrastructure (Optional)

    Optimising Spark for Large Scale Data Processing

    Apache Flink(Optional)

    Real-Time Data Streaming with Apache Kafka

    Real-Time Data Processing using Spark Streaming

    Building Automated Data Pipelines with Airflow

    Analytics using PySpark

    Project: Real Time data processing

    Capstone Project

Download Syllabus

Get a real world understanding through industry projects

Credit EDA Assignment

In this assignment, you will work for a consumer finance company which specialises in lending various types of loans to urban customers and use EDA to analyse the patterns present in the data. This will ensure that the applicants are capable of repaying the loan are not rejected.

RSVP Case Study

In this assignment, you will work on a movies dataset using SQL to extract exciting insights about popular films and the factors that drive a film.

Bike Sharing Assignment

Build a regression model to understand the factors on which the demand for bike sharing systems vary on and help a company optimise its revenue.

Tools and Technologies Covered

  • Programming ToolsLinux
  • Programming ToolsMy Sql
  • Programming ToolsExcel
  • Programming ToolsTableau
  • Programming ToolsApache Spark
  • Programming ToolsApache Flume
  • Programming ToolsHadoop
  • Programming ToolsHive
  • Programming ToolsMongo DB
  • Programming ToolsTensor Flow
  • Programming ToolsH-Base
  • Programming ToolsAmazon Redshift
  • Programming ToolsApache Airflow
  • Programming ToolsOpen CV
  • Programming ToolsAWS
  • Programming ToolsMapreduce
  • Programming ToolsAWS EC2
  • Programming ToolsPower Bi

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  • 360 Degree Career Support with Mentorship from Industry Experts
  • Networking opportunities with 10,000+ alumni & leading industry experts

See what our learners say

Deepak Chaubey

"Thrilled to share the multifold growth, I have cultivated as part of learning from Upgrade Out of many if I have to articulate here are top few: Confidently career transition Gaining an edge with the degree certification while working. Leverage Broad Network, social connect and specialized personal coaching with leading industry mentors....referral benefits etc."

Shravani Shahapure

"For someone who really wants to pursue a career in the field of Data Science, it is worth opting for the complete course by IIITB and upGrad. IIITB and upGrad’s online program on Data Science gives many opportunities and develops students for their future as they provide the best professors, thought-provoking assignments and case studies."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Time Commitment

    What is the time commitment expected for the programme?

    At least 12-15 hours per week of time commitment is expected to be able to graduate from the programme.

    Will each specialization require different time commitments?

    Each of the five specializations will have a common ~23-week curriculum in which the time commitment will be exactly the same. When you move onto a specialization, it might be that some weeks are heavier in a particular track but lighter for the others. But, overall the total time commitment required will be 12-15 hours/week on average.

  • Career Prospects and Support

    How will my doubts/questions be addressed in an online programme?

    Peer-to-peer discussion forum where you can post your queries and your peers/faculty/teaching assistants answer your queries within a day. Regular Q&A sessions with faculty to get clarification on conceptual doubts.

    Will I receive special different career services in each specialization?

    Each specialization is designed to give you the best outcome based on your background and help you venture into the data domain. The services and support for all the tracks will remain the same. Every student will have live sessions, industry mentorship, preparatory support, and access to relevant opportunities according to the requirements in their specialization track.

  • Course Curriculum

    What is the Executive Post Graduate Programme in Data Science with IIITB?

    The Executive Post Graduate Programme is an engaging yet rigorous 12 months online programme designed specifically for working professionals to develop practical knowledge and skills, establish a professional network, and accelerate entry into data science careers. The certification is awarded by IIIT Bangalore.

    What should I expect from the Executive Post Graduate Programme in Data Science?

    Expect to carry out several industry-relevant projects simulated as per the actual workplace, making you a skilled data science professional at par with leading industry standards.

    What should I NOT expect from the Executive Post Graduate Programme in Data Science?

    The programme is NOT going to be easy. It will be requiring at least 12-15 hours of time commitment per week, applying new concepts and executing industry relevant projects.

    Which topics are going to be covered as part of the programme?

    The programme is designed for working professionals looking for a transition or growth into the data domain. Considering the requirements of different data roles in the industry, the curriculum is divided into five tracks. The course will have a common curriculum running for approximately for the first 5-6 months that everyone will go through after which they have to do any of the 5 specializations and a capstone project, in the remaining 6-7 months.

    Is any certification granted at the end of the programme?

    Post successful completion of the programme, an Executive Post Graduate Programme in Data Science would be granted from IIIT Bangalore.

    When will I have to choose my specialization track?

    The programme has ~22 weeks of common curriculum and ~29 weeks of the specialization and capstone project. Once you’re through the 23 weeks of curriculum common to all the five tracks, you will be prompted to choose your specialization.

  • Refund Policy/Financials

    What is the programme fee for the Executive Post Graduate Programme in Data Science?

    Please refer to the Program Fees Section to get the course Price

    No Cost Credit Card EMI FAQ's

    0% EMI with Finance partners /Credit card option availability will vary program wise.
    1. Which banks allow using 0% Credit card EMI or Credit card EMI?
    No cost EMI is available on credit cards from all major banks (American Express, Bank of Baroda, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Indus Ind Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, RBL Bank, Standard Chartered, Axis Bank, Yes Bank)

    2. Is there any minimum transaction limit ?
    Yes. 50000 is the minimum.

    3. Standard Chartered Bank offers 18 or 24 months No Cost EMI ?
    No. ONLY 12 months is available irrespective of the Program enrolled.

    4. Will I have to pay any extra amount for EMI transaction?
    If you are availing 0% credit card EMI, upGrad will not charge any processing fees or down payment for these transactions. Your bank may levy GST or other taxes on the interest component of the EMI.

    5. Are there any fees or down payment?
    Certain banks charge nominal processing fees between INR 99 - 500 on 0% Credit Card EMI transaction. If charged, will be billed in the first repayment installment.

    6. Can I use my International credit card for 0% credit EMI or Credit Card EMI?
    Only the Indian bank credit cards can be used. But you can pay the amount using the Credit card option in one shot / part payments, and later you can convert into EMI from your respective bank. The tenures and interest charged will depend on your bank. upGrad will not charge any processing fees or down payment for these transactions, this will be purely between you and your bank.

    7. Are there any charges in case I opt for cancellation/refund from the course after paying balance with no cost EMI ?
    Yes, there will be additional charges to the extent of interest paid by the upGrad to the bank, you will be refunded only Principal amount, i.e. the amount actually deducted/blocked from your card. This deduction will be in addition to the amount mentioned in the refund policy shared with your offer letter.

    8. Can I Pay Using Multiple Credit Cards ?
    Multiple cards can be used to complete the payments using Part payment option make sure to inform the learner, minimum transaction is INR 50000 to opt for 0% CC EMI E.g. Amount to be paid: 150000. I can pay using 2 Credit cards. Yes, Example :
    HDFC Card – Part payment – INR 100000
    ICICI Card – Part payment – INR 50000

    9. How can I opt for Credit card EMI if my bank is not listed in the 0% Credit card EMI or Credit card EMI?
    You can pay the amount using the Credit card option in one shot / part payments, and later you can convert into EMI from your respective bank. The tenures and interest charged will depend on your bank. upGrad will not charge any processing fees or down payment for these transactions.

    10. Why is the entire amount blocked on my credit card?
    Initially your bank will block the entire amount from your available purchase limit and from your next billing cycle, you will be charged the EMI amount. As you start paying your EMI, your credit limit will be released accordingly. For example, if you have made a payment of ₹100000 on 6-months EMI and your credit limit is ₹200,000 then initially your bank will block your credit limit by ₹100000. After payment of your first month EMI of Rs.15000, the blocked amount will come down to ₹85000.

    11. Why is interest getting charged on No Cost EMI?
    Your bank will charge you interest. However, this interest charge has been provided to you as an upfront discount at the time of your payment, effectively giving you the benefit of a No cost EMI. The total amount paid during the entire EMI tenure to the bank will be equal to the amount to be paid to upGrad.

    Eg. Amount payable to upGrad: INR 405000
    Let's say Amount deducted at the time of transaction: INR 379850 (Principal amount) Bank charges interest of 12-15% per annum on INR 379850
    [Note: Interest factor is reducing rate and not Flat rate]
    EMI AMOUNT = INR 33750 x 12 = INR 405000
    Effectively, you have taken loan on 379,850 instead of 405,000

  • Selection Criteria

    How do I know if the programme is right for me?

    If you like finding meaningful insights from data and if you get excited by the prospect of informing business decisions through analysis and have an analytical bend of mind, then this programme is meant for you. As long as you are able to clear the selection test (or are exempt) and are excited about the transition to Data Science, this programme is meant for you.

    What is the application process for the programme and what are the timelines?

    There are 4 simple steps in the Admission Process which is detailed under the application process

    What is the selection process for this programme?

    upGrad, IIITB, world-renowned faculty, and many industry leaders have committed a lot of time in conceptualising and creating this programme to make sure that the learners can receive the best possible learning experience in data analytics. Hence, we want to make sure that the participants of this programme also show a very high level of commitment and passion for Data Science.
    The applicants will have to take a selection test designed to check their aptitude and quantitative abilities. The applicants can skip the test if they meet one of the following criteria:
    •    -  GRE score is greater than 300
    •    -  GMAT score is greater than 650
    •    -  CAT score is greater than 90 percentile
    •    -  GATE score is greater than 500

    Is there any minimum educational qualification required to take this programme?

    Bachelor’s Degree with minimum 50% or equivalent passing marks. No coding experience is required.

    My current role does not include exposure to data. Does it make sense for me to opt for this programme?

    Absolutely! Data Science is becoming a necessity for all industries and is no more a choice. Hence, there is a critical demand for quality data professionals and because the supply is constrained, this is one of the most lucrative career options across industries.

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